Case Study

Need for a Renewed Business Model

Running a high-growth business can be chaos. To scale up effectively requires juggling many balls at any one time and balancing growth across:

  1. Your Product
  2. Your Business Model
  3. Your Audience

Before we engaged RightWay, we were great at coming up with clever new products, and great at building an audience, but our business model was letting us down badly. Our financial functions lacked clear governance, the management was inefficient and the administration a headache. As the business owner, I spent far too long doing it badly, or getting frustrated with others doing badly. No-one seemed to be able to give me the solution I was looking for. 

You don't know what you don't know - RightWay get that, but don't hold it against you! In short, RightWay are awesome and I refer them to everyone. You should get them to sort you out.

Time To Focus On Clients

I'm an outcomes focused guy, so won't mention the amazing energy of the RightWay team, the growth-hungry culture or the exceptional quality of the client service and administration experience... what really matters is

  1. I now have a virtual CFO who tells me what to do at a governance level. And I'm very happy to listen.
  2. I've never worried less about my management accounting, and I have never sat down with my current accountant (the one who actually does the number crunching). Though my RightWay Programme Manager assures me she does a great job. (She's probably glad she doesn't have to deal with me either - it would be chaos again!)
  3. I now spend 10 minutes per week on financial administration and I actually look forward to the meetings.

Jonny Mole
Brand Advisor, CEO