When you’re after down to earth practical advice from someone who is genuinely interested in more than just the numbers then Jamie the person to call. With a background in service industries in NZ Jamie can offer practical advice to ensure that you can achieve your goals.

Jamie has gained a wealth of experience in both public practice and private enterprise businesses within NZ for the past 20 years. Jamie’s area of expertise is in the service industry in particular the transport and logistics with a wide range of clients benefit from his many years of experience.

Jamie has developed a reputation as someone who is easy to get on with and shares a genuine interest in helping his clients achieve their goals.  This comes by way of communicating in basic language a strategy that is right for his clients.

Jamie’s expertise is in providing a strategy that help’s his client’s achieve their goals and then assist them in implementing the strategy through new systems and processes. 

Jamie is responsible for providing his clients with regular updates by way of growth meetings that help ensure the strategy is working and allows for changes to be made on the way through.

Jamie is actively involved in with local sporting organisations and is an active mountain runner and mountain biker.


Rightway"Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today."