Seeing things others can’t see – written by Greg Sheehan (CEO RightWay)

04 Apr 2014, Posted by The Team at RightWay

I’ve watched successful people for years.

At times I’ve been privileged enough to watch right up close. To sit alongside these giants of business, politics and sport, over a lunch or even dinner at home.

Other times I’ve looked on from a distance. I’ve followed their careers and read their books.

I reckon after all this watching I’ve boiled it down to the three key traits they all have in common.

  1. They have a positive belief in themselves and their cause that defies the knocks and the challenges.
  2. They work their butts off, close to the point of exhaustion.
  3. They make smart calls and get more things right than most.

But let me focus on the last of these – making smart calls.

What do they see that the rest of us don’t?

Put simply they gain insights into problems or challenges that others don’t.

Before I elaborate though let me be clear. One thing they have in common with all of us is that their challenges and problems come along with the same regularity as the rest of us. That’s a given. And that’s life.

Question: So how do they make better decisions and more often?

Answer: They look for insights!

They solve problems (even complex ones) by tackling the problem a different way to others.

Yes they do the basics.

Firstly they pause to reflect on the issue at hand and how through their own knowledge they can make their “right” call.

Secondly they consult people with more knowledge in the particular area and get advice around possible solutions.

But what they don’t do is try the same old attempt at solving the same old problem – waiting on a better or a different result. We all know the “definition of insanity”.

And here’s where they start to leave the vast majority of us behind.

Through their lifetime of experiences and recollections their brain has logged a collection of patterns.

This triggers their intuition and they recognise their likely solution just by being intuitive (or recognising a pattern they have seen before).

Some of us find being intuitive harder than others. But we are all capable of it.

But beyond intuition there is an even higher level. An area where the really successful amongst us dominate!

It’s Insight.

Insight is almost like receiving the “Golden Wonka ticket” in the mail. It is a true game changer. It’s often a left field approach to a problem that would not normally be seen by anyone else. It’s not found by digging into the problem in more detail (think wood for the trees).

You’ve often heard of situations of chance discoveries, or Eureka moments. Quite simply highly successful people have more of these insight moments than most.


Well they provide themselves the opportunity to receive them.

Firstly they stop their busyness and rest. A tired brain is not one tuned for receiving insights. Exercise is also really helpful to keep fresh.

Secondly they provide themselves stimulus. They read widely. They extend their music choices. They meet interesting people from an array of professions and pursuits.

They have created opportunity for extension.

Then bang. In an instant they can have it.

An idea can be born. A way through a problem suddenly and sharply comes into focus.

Insight has delivered them what endless hours chewing over a problem cannot.

So if the third key ingredient in being successful lies in making good choices, then having insights that others don’t have sets them apart.

In my world, the world of small business, I see things changing quickly. I see people driving change and disruption and others responding well to that change. I also see others who don’t.

The people driving the change understand the value of gaining insight.

Be one of them.


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