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To ensure you're getting the performance you want for your business, it's important to have the right processes and accuracy. RightWay Business Partners are experts who draw on their wide-ranging knowledge and experience to give you the right advice for whatever stage your business is at. We give you someone to fill the void, providing you with the peace of mind and freedom you need to enjoy the lifestyle you want.

What it's like working with RightWay

RightWay enables entrepreneurs like you with accounting and business advice that makes sense. We understand each business is unique and has it’s own story to tell. Our approach is to spend more time learning about the people that run each business and what they want to succeed before we start advising.

Key Service Areas

Get the right advice across your whole business with our tailored services.

Annual accounts and reporting

For smaller businesses, such as retail shops, having accurate accounts and reporting gives you confidence in the numbers you're looking at and takes away the stress of not knowing where your business is at. You'll also have someone to lean on when times get tough and you need advice.

Tax planning and compliance

Whether your turnover is growing steady or you're seeing more ups and downs, the right advice helps you identify and plan for any potential tax issues before they cause problems.

Cash flow and forecasting

Many small businesses fall into the trap of running things based on what they have in the bank, without factoring in costs and liabilities. By understanding where your money comes from and where it goes to, you can forecast properly, and that means 90% of your tax work is done.

Cloud accounting

Putting your accounting data in the Cloud makes it easier for your accountant to see what's happening with your business in real time. This makes it easier for them to assist you and also saves you money by simplifying the accounting process and automating common accounting tasks.


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