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Achieve your life goals as a business owner

Business really is personal - it's not just about the bottom line. Being a business owner is all about achieving your goals in life (both personal and professional). That’s why finding a work/life balance that meets your life goals is so important. A good business advisor understands that and will help you weave work and life together to find the perfect balance.


Why did you start your own business?


Maybe you always dreamed of running your own business, or maybe life just worked out that way. Once you’re there, it gives you the opportunity to find meaning in work, to build something you can be proud of, to create the life you want to live. Your business gives you the opportunity to have more than just a 'job'.


What are the reasons that resonate with you?

  • Control your own destiny

    You’re in charge, from lifestyle to business values to what you’ll leave as a legacy.
  • Work shouldn’t be a grind
    You believe your work should harness passion and energy, be a place you can grow and be something you wake up excited to do.
  • Create a culture you’re proud of
    You choose your team and who you interact with as a business - you set the standard.
  • Opportunity to create the business you want
    Perhaps you’ve always had an idea, or maybe you just want to be self-employed. Whatever your driving force, it’s a chance to create the type of business you want to see more of.



How RightWay helps Hire Plants plan in their business

Customer testimonial 



"At Hire Plants we have a plant for every occasion or situation, provide high quality plants and pots for short or long term hire. We have set a mix of financial and non-financial goals for the next few years, focussing on continually improving and clarifying our offering, and evolving our systems and processes to get better at what we do.


Communication is the best way to overcome challenges. Whether it is having open discussions with the Hire Plants team, or bouncing around ideas with Isaac, our RightWay Business Partner, in our monthly meetings. Talking about problems, and looking at them from different angles helps us come up with solutions. We meet with Isaac once a month and talk through the plans, the issues, and go through some ideas to improve things. It is great to have someone to answer our questions and to stress test our plans. The discussions vary greatly, and we never run out of things to talk about. I feel I can reach out to Isaac whenever I need some extra help."



Do you run a purpose-driven business?

Purpose is all about the ‘why’. A purpose-driven business has a drive that goes beyond making money. It comes back to your values, going beyond the self to touch the world. Purposeful leaders act in a way that is personally meaningful and socially beneficial - similarly to how Moana Stand Up Paddle Boards operates.


What are your reasons for starting a purpose-driven business?


  • You love helping people, making their lives easier or better and helping them out with their problems.
  • You see a need for more employment opportunities, and you want to see your staff grow, love their work and find their purpose.
  • You want to build a company that you’re proud of. It’s a lasting legacy for your family, community and customers.
  • Support the local community. Maybe that’s by creating jobs, providing goods, or raising awareness.
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Finding work/life balance as a small business owner

Your personal care, your time with friends and family, your hobbies and all the other parts of a full and exciting life are just as important as work. Good work/life balance is essential for your health. Importantly, it also means you get to spend time with your family.
It’s good for our productivity, too. Our brains are amazing - they work on problems even when we’re not actively thinking about them. Taking the time away from work can, therefore, get your creative juices flowing.

To improve your work/life balance, learn to delegate or outsource at work and home. Write up a job description, systemise those steps and use a calendar to prioritise and get things done!
  • At work, you might get help with the finances and bookkeeping, or get a shop assistant or website builder.
  • At home, you might hire yard maintenance, have the groceries delivered or send your laundry out.

How Equilibrium found work/life balance

Customer testimonial


"This is perhaps where we need to listen to our own advice a bit more! It’s a real challenge juggling the responsibility of owning a business (and working in it as a practitioner), being responsible for numerous staff and having such a big outward community focus along with our personal lives. By practicing mindfulness, keeping fit and healthy and also getting regular chiropractic care and stress-reducing massages ourselves it helps to mitigate the effects of a busy business life. Our strong business partnership and supportive staff means we can tag team to help each other with time off and for personal/family needs.


We also find regular social outings with the whole team and their families as crucial to a healthy work culture. We have had a lot of fun trying new things as a team such as croquet, Waka Ama, paddle boarding and just getting together for potluck dinners or the 

occasional drink after work. The directors also meet weekly to discuss work but also catch up on each others lives and maintain a connection."


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Life goals

Ask yourself, what are your life goals? What do you want your hard work to achieve? Where are you trying to go in life?

Once your work/life balance is sorted, you have more time to focus on your life goals - the business and personal goals that are at the core of almost every business owner.


Spending time with family

We all want to spend quality time with the family - time that we’re not stressed or distracted by work. It’s a challenge unless you get the business in order first.


Achieving something that has a higher purpose

How amazing would it be, to change the world for the better?


Succession planning - creating an inheritance for the kids

You need to plan your succession well before retirement. It’s not so simple to just transition or sell out. It’s also about getting your business into a good place so that others want to buy it. That includes business plans, finances, processes, knowledge and much more.


Happy retirement

Get your business in order, and you’re well on your way to planning for retirement. Make sure you have a plan for success, which drives profits now and will make your business attractive to buyers in the future.

Open, honest communication has helped Matariki Terraces achieve their goals

Customer testimonial

"Since the start, working with RightWay has been fantastic, they provide everything we are after and much more. We have achieved much better information flows, but the bigger picture has their support and advice on the business and how we are tracking."


Business advice is more than just numbers

You don’t need to know everything about finance to run your own company. Successful business owners know to seek regular financial advice because an accountant will help you to maximise your profits, reduce your tax, and achieve your business goals.

Just as no two business owners are the same, the same is true of accountants. Start by considering your stage of business - if you’re just starting out, you need an accountant who has experience in your industry in the early stages.


You also want someone who knows that it’s about more than just numbers - it’s also about the human factor. Business advice is personal, and your Business Partner gives good business advice by understanding you.