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Southey Construction

Southey Construction

We have found RightWay to be an essential cog in the success of Southey Construction. We love having specialist support on tap when required and appreciate the fact that our business partner comes to see us regularly. The business coaching has been invaluable. It is great to be able to pick up the phone and ask for advice. 

In the past we were too afraid to ask for help, because we knew we would get a bill. With the all inclusive pricing that RightWay provide, we do not hesitate to ask any question at any time.

We are now making more money in the business which we put down to better decision making thanks to RightWay’s help. We now have financial control of our business. 

With RightWay we understand the financial side of the business like never before. The team at RightWay listen and explain financial information in a way that makes sense. 

The need for specialist advice in order to grow


"When you chose RightWay they will not let you down. We are looking forward to further growth in the business. It seems the partnership with RightWay has positioned us well for future       endeavours."


If someone is considering RightWay, we suggest you let them visit you. Let RightWay understand your business, then consider the proposal carefully, they will work with you on this. Their approach is so refreshing and totally different from what we ordinarily expect from Accountants. They understand how important this decision is.