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R&B Glass and Glazing

"Anything I have trouble with I just send an email through, I get an email straight back telling me how to do it - no question is too silly, they never make me feel like I'm stupid, and it's simple. With RightWay, everything they do is simplified".

R&B Glass

R&B Glass specialise in retro fitting double glazing to timber and aluminium windows, and have been installing double glazed windows for almost a decade. 

As a self-taught office person, Sandra was nervous about being in front of the computer working on her accounts. Our fantastic business partner, worked with Sandra to give her the confidence she needed to use Xero as her accounting tools and where there is doubt, she reaches out to him for a helping hand. The business partner gets back to her with the support and advise she needs to keep R&B Glass running smoothly.

Listen to Sandra tell you about her RightWay experience... 

Cheers R&B Glass!

"We were going through a bit of a rough patch [we moved to RightWay] and we've never looked back!"