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Upcoming reminder dates



GST returns and payments due.





Provisional tax payments for ratio option customers.  





GST returns and payments due.







Final date for Provisional tax payments for ratio option customers.




 Provisional tax payments for ratio option customers. 



Note: If any of the dates above fall on a weekend, then the new due date will be the next working day.

If you have any questions around your due dates please don’t hesitate to contact us directly on 0800 555 024 or email info@rightway.co.nz

Tax calendar

Tax Calendar 2018 - 2019. Now available to download.


Check out our Help Centre to see some extra information and frequently asked questions.


Xero support

How to record and reconcile part payments

Record a part payment on an invoice, bill or expense claim when reconciling the payment in the bank account.

Using bank rules to automate reconciliation in Xero

We all have day-to-day costs when doing business. Coffee with a prospective customer or just paying off your phone bill. When those transactions flow into Xero you can use bank rules to categorise them automatically.

Account for GST on imports in Xero

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 12.33.15 PM.png

Record GST you pay on imports so Xero takes it into account when calculating your GST payable or refundable. Xero has a special 'GST on Imports' tax rate to account for this.

Click here to find out more.

How to create a

bank rule

Create a bank rule to help

you reconcile bank statement lines that you haven't created transactions in Xero for.

Click here to find out more.