Heft Communications


Sarah Austin-Smith, Heft Communications

RightWay was a client of ours before we became a client of theirs! So there is a close relationship and mutual respect there that has really served our business well in its start-up phase.

With RightWay, we met a team of decent humans, living their lives across the country, bringing real diversity of thought and experience to the businesses they support.

Business is busy. What RightWay taught us is that you must play to your strengths. 

For me, that meant upskilling where I could – by joining RightWay’s Success Syndicate for business mentoring – and outsourcing where we needed to, for business advisory, bookkeeping and accounting.

Working with RightWay has given me the freedom and peace of mind to focus on the stuff I love. The things that got me into business in the first place.

We trust their expertise; appreciate their humility and our business is better for the conversations they prompt that stretch and test what we think is important.

When you work with RightWay you feel like you’re growing your own team. I’d recommend them to anyone in business.