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Team RightWay

We're passionate about the success of small to medium businesses, believing that what holds them back is access to the best advice and services. If you are looking for an organisation that puts customers first, supports their employees to improve knowledge, skills and confidence on a daily basis then YES that is RightWay. While we still have systems and processes that work for our customers, we at RightWay have a belief that to become entirely successful as an organisation you must start with your people!


Our vacancies

Business Advisor - Auckland

Do you love looking at a problem every which way and deciding how to nail it? Are you a keen follower of all things business, both locally and nationally?  Are you just as happy to be out meeting customers as working on a project at your desk? Do you have life experiences, street cred, and a thirst for knowledge? Can you read a set of financial or management reports to understand what’s happening in a business? Do you naturally ask “Why?” to get to the heart of how a business ticks?


HR Business Specialist - Wellington or Christchurch

Our customers come from all walks of life and span a huge range of industries. What you might be asked to help with can vary; it could be drafting an employment agreement one day, to guiding a business through a serious misconduct the next. Sometimes you may simply be providing a listening ear. But you’ll take it all in your stride, because you’re passionate about what you do, and the success of our customers’ businesses.


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