I am an outgoing, live life to the fullest, enjoy and embrace every moment kinda girl. I grew up and live out West. I love West Auckland its culture, its family values, its connection to nature and all our beautiful West Coast beaches.

I am passionate about business, politics, lifelong learning, nature and family. I am committed to making a difference in the world and I take pleasure in breaking the traditional accountants mould. 

A client said to me recently that I was the accountant he had been waiting for, I take the pressure of him, I sort shit out, I tell him what he needs to know and when he needs to know it, I do what I say I am going to do and when I say I am going to do it and I inspire him to want to understand his business better so he can get to where he wants to be.

I was stoked to hear that, as that is exactly why I do what I do, I love exceeding expectations and crumbling the imagine of the old boring accountant.

I am a qualified Chartered Accountant, I spent the first decade of my career in Big Four Accounting firms in New Zealand working with large multinationals in a wide range of industries from Media, Forestry, Financial Services, Retail, FMCG etc then one day I woke up and realised I was not making a difference, I was simply saving these multinationals a bit of ‘pocket change’ in taxes year on year at the expense of the New Zealand economy.

So, I found my Why – to change the world one New Zealand business at a time and I have never looked back since.

I have a passion for making the complicated and technical world of tax, accounting and business, simple for my clients. I understand all the ins and outs of that world and always translate the technical jargon into plain English for my clients. Nobody needs to talk in acronyms.

My expertise is in tax planning, cash flow forecasting and management, building the balance sheet, optimizing your bottom line, business strategy and goal implementation.

I am an Associate Business Partner here at RightWay – so what does it mean – I get the best of both worlds being an Accountant and a Business Partner but never both for the same client.

If I am your Accountant, I will smash your expectations with all your compliance needs, I know the in’s and outs of the New Zealand Tax and Accounting Legislation, I could work Xero with my eyes closed, so you can do what you do, knowing I’ve got that all covered. 

As a Business Partner, I thrive on adding value to my clients, getting to know the ins and outs of their businesses and becoming part of them. I always start a relationship, understanding my clients ‘why’ and knowing their dream lifestyle, from there I work with them, breaking the path to their dream into small manageable chucks to get them where they want to be.

My client’s businesses are always on my mind, I am always thinking of them and how I can make their business more efficient, more profitable, more connected and easy to manage.

I love to laugh, socialise, eat great food and drink good beer with Friends and Family. I love to dance, paint, bake and be silly with my little girls. I love to chuck the mattress in the back of our van and find a new spot to camp out and explore for the weekend with my Tradie Husband and beautiful Girls.

RightwayAlways know your Why – from there everything is easy