Originally living in Wellington where I was an accountant, I met and married a dairy farmer and all of a sudden found myself living in rural Wairarapa, where getting a takeaway coffee changed from 2 minutes from my apartment to now 30 minutes away from our farm.

After the initial culture shock was over I discovered a new passion for agriculture and business, and the sense of community and family values the farming industry has.  I love numbers and the opportunity to be able to help people so as it turned out I get the best of both worlds.

As a dairy farmer who enjoys the odd glass of wine my specialisations funnily enough seem to follow along the same track. I am well versed in all aspects of the rural agricultural, horticultural and livestock industries. I am also experienced with the hospitality and viticulture industries.

I am a fiercely loyal, competitive person and I like winning. The significance of this in my business life is dedication, drive and a desire to obtain the best possible results for my clients, I am known as the person who gets shit done.

I have a diverse background in all areas of accounting from annual accounts and reports to tax planning, cash flow, forecasting, strategy and advice. I enjoy a governance role as a shareholder and director of our dairy farm and prior that that I was a finance manager for a local Martinborough vineyard.

My responsibility is to my clients by holding them accountable. Specifically to their goals, dreams and aspirations. I am a firm believer in making a plan and ensuring that you are hitting the right targets to get there.

I have three girls (5, 2, and 1), a dairy farmer husband, and a dairy farm all of which take up most of my spare time. However, when times allows for it I also enjoy keeping active and the odd glass of wine from time to time.


RightwayTodays forecast: 100% chance of winning!