Sally loves nothing better than seeing her clients realise the power in their numbers. She makes their financials come alive so they can make great decisions about their business.

After spending time talking about your business, Sally will determine a customised, fixed price, RightWay package for you which could range from simple compliance and tax returns to comprehensive CFO type services. 

This could include:

  • Explaining tax in simple terms. Ticking off the IRD’s ‘to do’ list and ensuring you know your obligations.
  • Making Xero and your systems hum for you.
  • Acting as your virtual CFO. Holding regular meetings with you to plan, encourage and hold you accountable to your goals. Determining the vital metrics in your business and helping you to monitor them. Asking the big questions and then helping you to break down solutions into manageable steps.
  • Preparation of Board Reports suitable to your organisation’s needs, on your timetable.
  • Strategy, sales training, planning for your future, and many types of other advisory services

Her clients work in a wide range of industries and Sally enjoys adapting her style to suit individual needs.

There’s not too much about RightWay that Sally Newcombe doesn’t know. She has been thriving in the growing company since the outset. Originally from the Wairarapa, Sally is based in Wellington and spends time visiting clients throughout both Wellington and the Wairarapa.

Outside of RightWay Sally loves to frequent the abundant cafes and restaurants on offer in the region and offsets this by running, yoga and working, ever optimistic on her golf swing.

Rightway“The comparison isn’t with others; it’s with your former and future selves”