6 signs you need a business coach

Wondering if working with a business advisor is worth your time/money? Here are 6 signs, which if they resonate with you, may mean you should consider it.

Desley Grant

Oct 26, 2017

Similarly to the sporting world, where we are most familiar with the use of the term “coach”, in the business world having a coach isn't just for inexperienced players.

Identifying the need for regular advice and coaching doesn't equate to incompetence or weakness. Regardless of where you’re at in your business ownership journey, getting alongside a mentor will significantly improve the way you work, and propel you towards your goals.

We’ve identified 6 key signs that, should any of them resonate with you, suggest it could be worth your time and money to consider finding a coach who could assist you to plan, define your goals, upskill, and hold yourself accountable to the most important tasks that lead to business success. 


Sign #1: You don't have a business plan

You’ve had your morning coffee, and you're all set for a productive day on the job. Yet, there’s so much to think about that you’re wondering where to start. If you feel like you’re treading water from day-to-day, then having a longer term strategic plan helps you to see the bigger picture.

Our eBook, “10 tips for busy business owners” has a great chapter on the power of having a business plan.

This sign is likely to resonate with you if… As a business owner, building a plan, forecasting and reporting isn’t a bundle of skillsets that come naturally to you. 


Sign #2: You need more accountability

It’s one thing to jot down some business goals. But to actually feel like you’re consistently heading towards them is an entirely different matter again. Often, small business owners call upon a spouse or mate to keep them accountable. We advise that rather than putting pressure on those relationships, look to a business coach for the support needed to keep yourself accountable to your goals and objectives.

This sign is likely to resonate with you if… You’ve been in your role for a few years and while you might have had some success, you sometimes lack motivation, and drift away from your goals.


Sign #3: 24 hours just aren’t enough

We live in a marvellous age, where the sum total of humankind’s learnings and information is accessible at our fingertips. The only cost of accessing that information? Our time.

So, while the reality is that with the right motivation, you can teach yourself the skills you need to upskill as a business owner, it’s going to take precious time you don't have.

A good business coach will save you months (if not years) of time. He or she has been there, and done that. You can access their learnings, failures, successes and wisdom, without having to spend your most precious resource – time.

This sign is likely to resonate with you if… You feel like you’re wearing a lot of hats, are time poor and would love to have another set of hands (plus an extra set of legs, an extra brain, etc, etc). 


Sign #4: You’d like to transform from a ‘doer’ to a manager

Many business owners identify with the feeling of being ‘trapped in the trenches’ of their business.

If that’s you too, it’s likely you understand the potential benefit of delegating, to a team of trusted employees who you know can get the job done. You probably also wish you could learn or upgrade your management, business development, or financial management skills.

When looking for a high-quality business coach that can help you move from doing to managing, it’s worth reading some testimonials from past clients of his/her’s. Ask for specific skills that the person improved as a result of their coach’s input. If they have a track record of helping business owners learn and develop, you can feel confident they can do the same for you.

This sign is likely to resonate with you if… You’re a new business owner that yearns to understand things outside your area of expertise. You’re shoulder-deep in the trenches every day, and relying on talent, energy and good luck as your main management tactics. 


Sign #5: You’re feeling overwhelmed

When was the last time you went home at 5pm?

If you feel you're spending too much time on activities that aren't taking your business to the next level, a good coach will have a fresh perspective on time management, tackling your goals and how you can use technology to automate much of what you do.

Often the answer isn’t working harder, it’s simply re-organising your time, processes and tech tools to make better use of your time.

This sign is likely to resonate with you if… You often feel interrupted or pulled in different directions. This is a clear sign that you don’t have the time you need in the day to deal with surprises as they eventuate (and they always do!)


Sign #6: You catch yourself wondering “what EXACTLY do I do?”

Not even sure what your specific role is?

Nailing down the finer points of your position, and sticking to them, rather than getting distracted, will help you gain control of where you're headed.

A great business coach will help you establish your role and responsibilities, and guide you to release the impulse to do everything in the company.

This sign is likely to resonate with you if… You regularly get the feeling that things aren't in balance and that your business dreams are starting to become a bit of a nightmare. 

Whether you’re Richard Branson, or still very inexperienced as a business owner, getting sound advice and business wisdom is always an asset to you and your business.

No matter how much success (or lack-of) your business has achieved so far, a business coach can be the missing jig saw piece that you’re looking for, to make you work harder and progress faster than you would on your own.

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