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We understand that you’re an expert at your business and that managing admin and bookkeeping can be time consuming. Our dedicated bookkeeping team can take care of all your financial admin, so that you can focus on doing the things you do best.



To find out more about our customised bookkeeping and payroll services - contact one of our dedicated bookkeeping and payroll team.


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RightWay bookkeeping services



We can regularly complete your bank reconciliation to ensure you have real-time information, including up to date outstanding customer invoices and overdue accounts.


Invoices and debtor management

We can manage your outstanding invoices and chase payments.


Bills and creditor management

We can manage supplier invoices so you can stay on top of your bills and know what is due and when.



We offer a full comprehensive payroll service with a mobile app to capture timesheets, reimbursements, payroll reporting and leave requests. We also manage IRD compliance including PAYE and Kiwisaver.


Xero add-on management

We can manage your current Xero Add-ons and suggest time saving apps that integrate with Xero including Receipt Bank, Debtor Daddy, Stripe, Vend, WorkflowMax and many others.

Why choose RightWay as your bookkeeper?

Xero certified advisor
Our bookkeepers are Xero certified advisors and receive ongoing training in order to keep up to date with Xero feature updates.


Free up your time

We keep accounts up to date and automate processes, so that it allows our clients time to focus on business growth.

Customer focused

We are committed to working with our clients to build lasting relationships and deliver efficiency.

Meet your deadlines

We liaise with your RightWay accountant to ensure your IRD obligations are met, such as, GST returns and your accounts payable.



Frequently asked questions


What is the most efficient way to add bills on Xero?


There are two ways to enter bills on Xero either via the files library on Xero or an add-on like Receipt Bank. This will ensure a source document is attached to every bill entered on Xero. To find out more about Files Library, view the video below for details.


With files on Xero, entering bills on Xero is simple with your source document at your fingertips.


How do I deal with overpayments on Xero?


You will have to find and match the bill or invoice that was overpaid, then allocate the overpayment under a new transaction. See the quick tip on the right for details.

It’s common to have a client overpay a sales invoice or you’ve accidently overpaid a bill. Overpayments can be resolved easily on Xero.


Cash flow is often tight, can I automate debtor follow ups?


Yes, Xero features invoice reminders which enables automatic email reminders to chase overdue invoices. You can customise the email content and frequency plus which clients should receive reminders, and which should not. View the video below to help set this up.


Chasing debtors has become easier with invoice reminders on Xero, just set up invoice reminders and let Xero do the chasing.


How do I ensure staff get repaid for expenses paid from personal funds for the business?


You can set staff as a user, have them download the Xero app and take photos of receipts and submit expense claims for approval. View the video below, and check the quick tip on the right for details.
Use Xero’s mobile app and you can complete invoicing on the go, bank rec plus photograph receipts to become truly paperless.

Help centre

Files for Xero

With all your business data in the cloud, it makes sense to easily upload financial documents on Xero and convert it easily to a bill.

Overpayments on Xero

Sometimes you'll need to account for an overpayment in Xero, whether it's a payment you've made or one that you've received. 

Invoice reminders on Xero

Instead of you spending hours chasing overdue payments, Xero can automatically email reminders to your customers.

Expense claims in Xero

Expense claims can be a headache for both the employee and the accounts team. With Xero you can manage the whole process online. Employees can add receipts in Xero or on the go using Xero touch.