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While many businesses choose to start out by managing their bookkeeping themselves, it can quickly become a frustrating task that takes a lot of time to complete, is hard to get right, and takes you away from more important business responsibilities - not to mention how quickly it can eat into precious family time.

Our dedicated bookkeeping and payroll team can take care of all your financial admin, so that you can focus on doing the things you do best.

Our team is friendly, approachable, and most importantly extremely knowledgeable. Collectively they have managed the books for a breadth of industries for a very long time! Not to mention the fact that they are able to call on our business advisors and accountants for additional advice and input as needed.


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How we can help you

Bank reconciliation
We can complete your bank reconciliation to ensure you have real-time information.

Invoices and debtor management
We can manage your outstanding invoices and chase payments.

Bills and creditor management
We can manage supplier invoices so you can stay on top of your bills and know what is due and when.

Payroll services
We have a full payroll service with a mobile app to capture timesheets, reimbursements, payroll reporting, and leave requests. 

Xero add-on management
We can manage your current Xero add-ons and suggest time saving apps that integrate with Xero.

We use Hubdoc
Hubdoc makes manual tasks like entering bills and receipts into Xero automated, so you can easily match transactions to your Xero bank feed and get a better overview of your business.
We use Smartly
Smartly is an easy-to-use online payroll system, making it simple to pay employees and contractors, and send reports to the IRD. It's an automated, accurate, easy to use payroll software.
We use PaySauce
PaySauce is about more than simply payroll. PaySauce connects employees, managers, and administrators so those in charge of running payroll know they are receiving accurate and approved timesheets which they can trust.

Not sure you need a bookkeeper?

As a small business owner, you probably started out doing the bookkeeping yourself. Or perhaps it was someone in your team who’s ‘good with numbers’. But as your business grows, it gets harder and more complex to keep up with the paperwork.

Read more on Why outsourcing your bookkeeping is better for business and also The 5 things to look for when outsourcing your bookkeeping.


Bookkeeping how-to videos

Join one of our Bookkeeper & Cloud Solutions Specialist's Tania, while she goes through a couple of tips for your account setup in Xero.

Bookkeeping Podcasts

Have a listen to our podcast episodes that specifically focus on bookkeeping topics, including:

  • Chart of accounts - what are they and why do you need to know about them
  • Let's talk GST - Everything you need to know about GST including how you can make sure it doesn't affect your margins or cash flow.

For all other podcast episodes please click here. The Better Business, Better Life podcast is available on Spotify, Apple and Google podcasts, and more recently YouTube.


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Check out more bookkeeping and payroll resources

Bookkeeping for small business guide

Keeping the books up to date is critical for any business. Letting things get disorganised is going to create big headaches down the road, so it pays to have systems in place that prevent this. But don’t worry - as a business owner you aren’t expected to necessarily manage all of this process alone. After all, you’ll want to be focusing on the things you’re most effective at (and enjoy!).

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How to run payroll for staff in New Zealand

Bringing on an employee is a big step in the life of a business. It represents growth and new skills coming into the fold. With over half a million small-medium businesses in New Zealand, there’s a huge amount of pay runs being processed each week. If you’re new to the world of paying employees, it can feel a bit daunting getting your head around the tax obligations and admin. However, there's no need to worry...

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How to manage paying invoices or bills

Keeping on top of your expenses is key to running a healthy business. Over-extended businesses leave themselves open to real financial headaches, and when a business continually pays late, the relationships with those creditors can suffer or even disappear. Establishing tight practices around paying as much as receiving payments gives the business much more clarity on its position at any given time.

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Reducing aged receivables

Waiting for an invoice to be paid after the due date has passed can put tremendous strain on the cash flow of the business. If late invoices become ‘normal’ for the business, it’s harder to grow and invest back in the business.

In this guide we’ll talk about aged receivables in more detail and what you can do to reduce and even eliminate this problem from your business.

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The 5 things to look for when outsourcing your bookkeeping

The 5 things to look for when outsourcing your bookkeeping

In this blog post we delve into the ins and outs of a good bookkeeper and what you should look for if you decide to outsource this task.

Why outsourcing your bookkeeping is better for your business

Why outsourcing your bookkeeping is better for your business

As a small business owner, you probably started out doing your bookkeeping yourself or perhaps had someone in your team do them for you...

Employee sick leave entitlements have increased – are you sorted?

Employee sick leave entitlements have increased – are you sorted?

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