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When we started RightWay in 2012, we figured that to really support New Zealand businesses, we had to go beyond accounting. We offer a full range of advisory services designed for small and medium companies. Each of our customers benefits from technical expertise and specialist experience to solve problems and structure a healthy business that serves their needs.

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Planning, advice, and support

The specialist advice we provide is unique to you and your business, based on our qualifications and years of practical experience. We’ll help you streamline operations, boost profits, minimise your tax liabilities, and reach both your business and personal goals sooner.


Business Planning

We start by working alongside you to understand you and your business. Our strategic planning sessions will identify challenges that might be holding you back, and opportunities worth taking. Together, we’ll then formulate a clear, practical plan to achieve your goals.


Business Support

We support you with regular meetings to track the progress of your plan. And we’re there in person or at the end of the phone to listen, bounce ideas around, and tackle any obstacles. Problems solved, together.


Business Performance

Business is personal. To achieve your goals you need to know if your business is on track. We look beyond the numbers, tracking your growth and success with both financial and non-financial measures.

Meet our team of Business Partners

Wherever you are in your business journey – from starting out to succession planning – one of our savvy, approachable Business Partners will give you sound advice to make your path clearer and bring your goals closer.




Cash flow forecasting and budgeting

Having a clear picture of your income and outgoings gives you confidence and puts you in control. When you work with RightWay, your budget is always aligned with your business goals – you’ll know exactly where you are, where you’re going, and how you’ll get there.  


Cash Management

Here’s our ‘no surprises’ policy. Because we know the ins and outs of your business, we’ll help you manage your cash flow, and put aside a rainy day contingency. So you can dream bigger, and sleep better.



A good forecast gives you a clear picture of the future, but a bad forecast can derail you. We’ll help you forecast quickly and accurately, so you know where you’re headed.

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