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Quick success tips for start-up business owners

Starting a business is exciting, but a lot of hard work. Give your business the best possible chance for succeeding by checking out our tips to help!

Stuart Wilkinson

Oct 30, 2018

Success! When you're starting a business, that's all you can think about - the light at the end of the tunnel. But how are you going to get through that tunnel?

A lot of start-up businesses don't clearly think about the shadowy areas in the tunnel simply because those areas are out of their expertise.

Of course, you'll need more than good luck to truly find that success. From business culture, through to ideas and your plans, this blog sheds light on how you can succeed as a start-up. 


Establish cultural roots

Inform the decisions of those in your business by developing a healthy company culture based on your values. Then, in times when employees haven’t got direct instructions when they need to apply their own expertise to a challenge, they’ll be primed to do so in a way that promotes those values.


Ideas are gold

So don’t take them lightly. Value your ideas by keeping them to yourself at first. It protects you, and it also means that you work on making them strong and polished before you expose them to criticism. This gives you a good foundation on which to build, rather than always having ideas crash and burn when they’re not ready.

You will have to share your ideas at some point though. It’s unavoidable. Consider using non-disclosure agreements when you make ideas or plans public.

Plan for success then act

Make a business plan to give you focus, but make sure to also write down some achievable milestone goals. Keep your plan in mind and work towards it, step by step. 

When the situation changes, you’ll be able to assess where you are on your journey and you’ll be better positioned to make good decisions around where to next.


Keep your focus

While it’s important to make plans, you shouldn’t get stuck perpetually working out the details. Nothing’s ever perfect, or certain, and if you’re waiting for the ideal conditions they may never come. Meanwhile, someone else might have the same idea with a less perfect solution, but they’re in the market so it doesn’t matter.

Avoid decision paralysis and get started today!


Move on

Don’t dwell on your mistakes or you’ll end up as stuck as the perfectionist. Instead of focusing on failure, bad luck or external causes, take the valuable opportunity to learn from your mistakes. 

Reassess your plans if necessary and adjust the steps to your goal. However you do it, keep moving forward.


Learn for a lifetime

Life is the best teacher, and it never stops teaching. Make sure you’re looking out for the lessons, as they can come from anywhere or anyone.

Whether it’s in person, via market research or online reviews, pay attention to your audience. If customers don’t want what you’re offering, or they want something a bit different, don’t waste resources. Instead, use their feedback to help provide what they do need.

Learn from your peers and mentors. They’re in a similar place to you, or they’ve already been there. You can save yourself a lot of grief by learning from the trouble others have already been through!

Heed legal professionals and government officials. Laws and regulations can be tricky and it’s worth getting it right the first time.

Upskill. Get training in needed skills, and you’ll also get a confidence boost.
When you’re starting out, everything seems complicated and success so far away. The truth is that with the right support and skills, success is possible. Build culture and nurture your ideas, plan but don’t get stuck, and always keep learning to move towards success! 

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