Business Success Syndicate

Starting and running your own business can be filled with many highs and lows as you navigate the varying trials and tribulations on your path to success.

For many, the opportunity to discuss constraints and ideas with other like-minded individuals would be extremely valuable.

Introducing the Business Success Syndicate which provides just that! 

The Business Success Syndicate allows business owners and leaders to share their trials and tribulations and gain insights from other business owners and leaders (in non-competing industries) on a monthly basis!

Each session is guided by a RightWay Business Partner, who will also provide valuable business insights themselves! This is not a mutual referral program.

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What will we cover

At our monthly RightWay Business Success Syndicate sessions will cover topics, including:

  • Your purpose, vision and values
  • Customer Market Segmentation
  • Cash flow
  • People management
  • Financial literacy
  • Much more

Each session will take 1 hour, light refreshments will be provided.

Cost: $150.00 + GST per month