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Hire Plants

Case Study

"It is great to have someone to answer our questions and to stress test our plans. I feel I can reach out to RightWay whenever I need some extra help!"

Hire Plants

What does your business do?
Hire Plants have a plant for every occasion or situation. We provide high quality plants and pots for short or long term hire.

What goals do you have for the business?
A mix of financial and non-financial goals are set for the next few years. We are focused on continually improving and clarifying our offering, and evolving our systems and processes to get better at what we do.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced?
Some of our biggest challenges have come from adapting to changes in size as we have grown and acquired 2 other businesses. Growing the team and the culture is a focus too, as well as constantly challenging our processes and procedures to be more efficient.

How did you overcome your key challenge?
Communication is the best way to overcome challenges. Whether it is having open discussions with the Hire Plants team, or bouncing around ideas with our RightWay Business Partner or Accountant, in our monthly meetings. Talking about problems, and looking at them from different angles helps us come up with solutions.

How important is good planning to your business success?
Very - it is much easier to get where you are going if you have a map. If you don't have a plan to get there, it's very unlikely you will.

What about you - why did you want to start your own business?
I've always been interested in running a business and the challenge of balancing a range of demands - the juggling act of financials, sales, customer service, products, processes, and team. The goal of having a well run business that does great work, people enjoy being part of, and that customers value and enjoy dealing with is what motivates me, along with the opportunity to be always improving things and making them better.

How do you find the challenge of balancing work and life?
It is something I am always working on to improve. The key is having a good team - having the right people in the right roles. As a business owner, you can't have your eyes across everything all the time, so having good people taking on part of that responsibility really helps balance work with life.

How did you start working with RightWay, and how do you find them?
I came across RightWay at a business networking event. I first engaged RightWay to do some due diligence for a business acquisition. That went well, so we then engaged RightWay as our ongoing business advisors and accountants.

How's your relationship with your Business Partner - how does your Business Partner help you with achieving your goals?
We meet once a month and talk through the plans, the issues, and go through some ideas to improve things. It is great to have someone to answer our questions and to stress test our plans. The discussions vary greatly, and we never run out of things to talk about. I feel I can reach out whenever I need some extra help.

Hire Plants