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What have you been able to achieve with RightWay, that you feel you couldn't have otherwise?
RightWay helped us get up to speed on financial governance. As a start up, the finances were not that visible at first. Our previous accountants didn't spend any time helping us understand what the numbers were saying. RightWay approached it differently, and were able to help us gain a clear view of what was going on financially.

What's the best piece of advice you received and how did it help you?
With a fast growing company, cash flow is critical to success. Growing requires cash. RightWay helped demystify cash and helped our internal operations understand how cash flow worked, and how to forecast it.

Do you still use the same services you originally joined for?
The relationship with RightWay is agile, and evolves each month. At first it was all about gaining clarity on financial performance. But the tidier that gets, the more we focus on the future and strategy.

What has exceeded your expectations?
RightWay really care. They are not just about the numbers. They actually give a damn about our success and want to help. This is so important, and contrasts them to other accountants we have experienced.

If you were to describe your experience with RightWay, what would you say?
Any SME should 100% engage with RightWay. They are excellent in bookkeeping and strategy - but at a fraction of the cost other big accounting firms.

Why would you recommend RightWay to someone who might be on the fence?
Because RightWay's cost will be an investment. Time spent with business advisors at RightWay will result in cost savings, and better cash flow.

What does working with RightWay mean to you?
It is a partnership.