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"ON" vs. "IN"

How to grow your business without working harder yourself

If you want your business to grow and get to that elusive “next level” everyone’s always talking about, you have to build an organisation that can get the job done without you being involved in every detail.


Let's find out how...

How to grow your business without working harder yourself.
In this infographic we look at what’s involved in, and the results of, working ON and optimising your business rather than working IN it.
Shift your focus away from micro managing your own employees, towards building a solid network of new, healthy relationships that can help you and your business flourish.
How to create a growth-focused structure for your small business.
Some of the most important small business KPIs to track are; Gross profit margin as a percentage of sales, Revenue growth rate, Inventory turnover and Accounts payable turnover.
The cost of a bad hire is commonly accepted to be as high as 30% of the hire's first year's salary.
You know you're micromanaging as a business owner if you're doing more than supervising team collaboration and helping team members reach their full potential.
As part of working ON your business rather than IN it, make sure you have the right support around you to leverage the power of digital technology.


Pretty clear, right? For your business not only to last but to really succeed and grow, you need to work ON your business, not IN it.

Our ON section points (the right hand columns) are the key ways to transform yourself from doing, to managing, and ultimately to stepping back.

Embracing that transformation will allow you to focus on growth strategies like your marketing, progressive new business opportunities, and relaxing with time and space around you (imagine that!).

To see stories of real New Zealand business owners who have made exactly this smart transition, check out these videos… 

See how we help Kiwis work on not in their businesses