Modern Signs

What does your business do?
Modern Signs is a signage and display manufacturer, we've been in business since 1958.

What goals do you have for the business?
We have a few main goals relating to profitability and growth. The main continuous goal for our company is to be known as one of the best sign companies in the country - producing to the highest quality, satisfying all our customers every time.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced?
Being in business for over 50 years there are not many challenges we haven't faced. Recently moving premises was a big challenge after decades being based in the city. We also find improving efficiency is a continuous challenge.

How did you overcome your key challenge?
With all the challenges we have faced over the years, communication has formed a key part of overcoming these challenges. Persistence also has played a key role.

How important is good planning to your business success?
Totally important. In times where we have not planned well, we have not had as much success as when we have planned well. I think the importance of planning has increased, given how much faster the world changes now, compared to how business worked in the 70s and 80s.

What about you - why did you want to start your own business?
I bought into the business during the 70s, a joint venture with a business partner at the time. We had a property portfolio together already, but the government introduced a property tax. So we changed course, and found a business to invest into (we literally swapped a property for the business). We looked at various businesses including a Japanese bathhouse and an imitation brick manufacturer. I am glad we decided on a signage company instead.

How do you find the challenge of balancing work and life?
I don't worry about the business too much outside work hours. To me, exercise is very important to achieving balance, it helps relax you and counteract any business stresses. Tai chi is particularly good for this.

How did you start working with RightWay, and how do you find them?
We got an email back in 2013 asking if we wanted to switch accountants. We were not happy with our accountant at the time, so I called RightWay and arranged a meeting, I received a visit soon after and was impressed with the team. RightWay became our ongoing accountants and we have been with them since.

How's your relationship with your Business Partner - how does your Business Partner help you with achieving your goals?
I meet with my RightWay team monthly - they challenge me by asking the tough questions and this forces me to tackle issues in the business head on. They genuinely care about the success of my business and we are constantly talking about new ways to grow the business, improve efficiency, and how to remove any barriers to success. 

Modern Signs