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About us

It started with you!

Seven years ago, our directors sat down to share their vision for how they could best help small and medium businesses grow from
strength to strength.

Understanding that what often holds them back from success is access to the best possible advice, they came up with the business model to offer the greatest value to people like you.

So now you know why it’s called RightWay.


Who are we

RightWay is leading the “new-school” thinking in the world of accountancy and business advice. We are a recognised leader for providing business advice, which is delivered using leading technology systems, by a high performing team, that helps customers take their businesses to the next level.

We have accountants who do all the numbers behind the scenes, and personal business advisors who work alongside our clients translating the numbers into practical business advice.


What we do

We provide the right information and sound advice to enable business owners to make the best possible business decisions.

We're passionate about the success of small to medium sized businesses, believing that what holds them back is access to the best advice and services. By partnering with RightWay our customers access the best advice and expertise across all areas related to business success.


Meet the team

Our advisors speak the language of business owners and are always happy to chat about your accounting needs.

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