Rightway 10th birthday - Tauranga team

Celebrating a decade of doing business.

It's our 10th birthday. Over the last ten years, we’ve grown RightWay from one office to a nationwide team of experts.


Aug 15, 2021

But it’s the success of clients like James McCarthy that really bring to life the work we are so proud of.

James joined RightWay when one of his three businesses was starting to take flight. Spidertracks, a company that develops hardware and software for the aviation industry, had its sights set on international markets.

James was looking for advice beyond accounting; he was really focused on building relationships that added value to the business rather than people who just mucked around with pieces of paper.

Xero was just coming on the scene here in New Zealand and not everyone was up to speed. I have always been focused on automation, making the most of the efficiencies of technology and I needed a team who understood that.

“We wanted to see our accounts on demand. We needed senior advice and support, people who could help us grow better and spot opportunities and risk. That was the RightWay promise and it’s what drew us to them and has kept us with them.”

James now runs three successful businesses including Cradle - a New Zealand-based online calling service for your business that replaces your work phones and phone services - which grew by more than half last year alone.

"I don’t want boxes of paper. I want real-time advice and oversight".

We asked James if he had any reflections as one of our longest standing clients: “It’s nice to see a company grow, to really own the value it brings to the market. RightWay has matured in that way.

“Dan Murphy is our guy – he’s part of the furniture at RightWay. He took the time to get to know me and get to know the way we operate. But we’ve worked with a lot of people over the years and what we really respect is the way of working. At RightWay that’s about work-life balance, still fitting it all in, without that pressure to fit in the box of a traditional accountant.

“It reflects our own values and what we think makes a business successful. You always want to align yourself with other successful businesses – Happy Birthday team".


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