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Not all business goals are financial

10 February 2021 / By RightWay
Most people who own a business, particularly SMEs, are looking for it to achieve the required level of sales, revenue, or profit for them to achieve what they want in life.
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Business planning for 2021 – agility is our friend

29 January 2021 / By RightWay
Shakespeare once wrote “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them”. When it comes to businesses, the same could be said regarding change. Some business owners and leaders naturally welcome and pursue innovation and change as part of everything they do; ...
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Budget planning and cash flow management

1 May 2019 / By RightWay
No one said running a business would be easy but getting the basics right helps you stay in control. Having your finger on the cash flow pulse as well as working on your budgeting plan both serve a very useful purpose - keeping your business financially healthy.
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Kicking off the new financial year

5 April 2019 / By RightWay
Like any new year we all start off with good intentions but how far we take those intentions or resolutions is often the difference between success and failure. Setting goals for the year ahead takes some planning but if we want to achieve our goals, both personally and professionally, there’s no ...
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Avoid the Christmas cash flow valley of death

1 October 2018 / By RightWay
It's hard to believe that Summer is here and we're sliding quickly into the Christmas period! For a huge number of the businesses I work with it will be a well earned break and a time to congratulate yourselves for a job well done over the year. But there is some work to do before we knock off for ...
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Plan your exit early

23 February 2018 / By RightWay
Often when I meet business owners and I ask them when they plan to leave their business, they look at me with shock and confusion. Responses are generally along the lines of “My business is only a few years old, I am not exiting!” or, “Oh, I don’t know – maybe 20-30 years, I have no plan.” One of ...
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Top 30 accounting firms in New Zealand

13 December 2017 / By RightWay
In November, RightWay was named the 12th in the CAANZ and Fairfax Media Top 30 Accounting firms in New Zealand. We’re always aiming to add value to our customers lives by providing top notch business advice and compliance so being named one of the top accounting firms in New Zealand helps us know ...
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2018 is your year to succeed - if that is your choice!

6 December 2017 / By RightWay
“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford
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Time, precious time

14 September 2017 / By RightWay
You love your trade and you thought you’d follow the Kiwi dream and be your own boss, living a care free existence. In reality though, you’re doing the same amount of hours on the tools as you were when you were working for some other bloke, but now with so many more responsibilities – paperwork, ...
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Why use a benchmarking tool?

7 September 2017 / By RightWay
By using benchmarking technology, you can track the progress of your business goals. You can also compare your own business’s financial performance with other businesses in your industry, along with identifying and measuring the most important financial goals that are going to drive your business ...
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Software that busy business owners shouldn't do without

31 August 2017 / By RightWay
When things get busy as a business owner, trustworthy support and advice isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have. Yet for many SME owners, OPEX is already stacked, and the perception is often that business advisory services are probably a cost you can live without. Thankfully we live in an age ...
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How a trusted sounding board can set you up for success

24 August 2017 / By RightWay
Are you a small business owner wearing every hat in the business? If so, we’re picking there are times when you don't have the guidance, support or information you need to implement an idea or strategy?   You’re not alone.
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How to take control of your cash flow (and your life)

17 August 2017 / By RightWay
Are you concerned about business cash flow? Do you often catch yourself wondering about who has paid you, how much money is in the bank and how you’ll pay your creditors? 
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Handling annual leave is no holiday

16 November 2016 / By RightWay
When you pay tax, the effect on your business cash flow is obvious. A lump of cash goes out. The effect of annual leave, however, may be less apparent. But annual leave does affect your cash flow. For example:
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Provisional tax is straightforward yet complex

2 November 2016 / By RightWay
Provisional tax exists largely because governments don’t like waiting for money. When it comes to calculating your provisional tax liability, there are up to three methods you can consider. Standard: is the, well, standard option. If you don’t choose a method, it’s the one the IRD will use. IRD ...
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Employees v.s. Contractors

16 August 2016 / By RightWay
There’s often confusion among business owners around what it means to be an employer versus using contractors to run a business. So what defines a contractor? And how is this different to an employee?   Right, so here's the basics:   What is an independent contractor? Independent contractors are ...
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