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Top 30 accounting firms in New Zealand 2019

26 November 2019 / By RightWay

This November RightWay was ranked 18th in the CAANZ and Fairfax Media Top 30 Accounting firms in New Zealand. What an achievement! 

The list aims to benchmark accounting firms across the country on revenue, pro bono hours, gender diversity, and innovation. We’re continuously aiming to innovate and make positive change in the accounting industry so being recognised on the list was fantastic news. 

Our main focus for innovating in the accounting industry has always been to utilise the developments in accounting software to look beyond the numbers and bring business success to our customers. Although you might know RightWay as an accounting firm, we’ve always had a strong focus on going beyond tax and compliance and using the numbers to support our customers in making better business decisions. 

One of our customers had this great piece of feedback, "RightWay has experienced employees with business experience which adds value to our business. They are able to give great advice on important business decisions - they understand our business and they understand us".

Many of our RightWay business advisors have run a business themselves, so nothing surprises them anymore. They’ve seen it and they’ve probably done it! We've dealt with many business challenges so there’s no need for business owners to feel self-conscious or ashamed. It’s invaluable to have someone outside of your business who’s on your side, who knows what they’re doing, and is someone you trust.  

By utilising technology and innovation, we get a clear picture of what is happening financially in a customer's business, so we can make their path clearer and bring their goals closer. With less focus on the numbers we’re able to take a human approach towards business and look at who the business owner is as a person, and what we can do to better support them. 

We also know that to create a human approach externally, we need to do so with our staff. We strive to create a workplace where employees can feel happy and supported. Our flexible work policy allows us access to a highly talented workforce, who may not otherwise have been able to continue working in the industry due to family commitments. Equality in the workplace is also incredibly important, so we have introduced a policy around this as well. We want to encouraging people from all backgrounds to feel confident in their ability, and it also helps individuals to achieve their best. By implementing these policies, we can offer our team opportunities at work, while giving room for people to live their lives. And we think that is key - we're glad CAANZ and Fairfax Media agree with us!

The human approach of RightWay – and the people who work here – make our customers feel comfortable and like they're taken seriously. Another of our customers had this to say, "you nail it when it comes to understanding what a small business owner might need in terms of specific advice, service, and knowledge sharing. Your people are personable, caring, and attentive". Coming 18th in the top 30 list is huge achievement, and we’re looking forward to seeing where we can get to next year.


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