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[Video] Leave the daily grind behind and watch your business soar

It's time to step back and take your business to the next level, but you don't know where to start. In this blog we look at some client success stories and show how RightWay can help you too.

Desley Grant

Mar 07, 2018

You’ve built a great business. You’re proud of what you’ve achieved and are excited about working towards your next financial goals. There’s just one problem: you have so little time on a day-to-day basis that you’re not sure how you’ll turn those goals into reality.

As a business owner, it’s easy to get caught in the trap of getting involved in every aspect of your organisation.

If you’re wondering how to step away from the daily grind and transition to working ‘on’ rather than ‘in’ your business, this blog is for you. The last instalment of our six-part blog series that deals with this topic, this blog post shows you how to make the transition, while still generating more profit.

In this blog, we share video success stories from clients RightWay has helped to transition into the next phase of their ownership journey.

With the right information, tools and support, they've learnt how to work less hours while raising the performance of the whole business. Learning how to delegate key tasks and setting accountable actions for your team are key aspects of this transition.

If you want to get to that elusive 'next level' but have hit a glass ceiling and don’t know how to break through without working even longer hours. Read on.

See how we help Kiwis work on not in their businesses

The first five blogs in this series focused on RightWay’s new infographic about practical steps you can take to start moving away from your day-to-day role. By doing so, you free up time that can be spent on more valuable aspects of growing your business. These steps include:

In our latest blog post, we introduce you, through two videos, to two of our clients talking about what they believe have been the most valuable actions they took when making the transition to working 'on', rather than 'in' your business.

With the right advice, you'll be able to utilise your expertise while extracting yourself from your day-to-day role and gaining clearer direction. Typically, the outcome of these changes is better profits.

That's what Wellington client, Element Roofing, found. Owners Mark and Kyle have good systems and processes in place, which are essential to being able to step back as an owner. But they wanted to know how to expand their business to others regions and how they could improve cash flow. RightWay Business Partner Greg Hughes helped them identify trends and improve processes to achieve these goals.

Owners of Hospo Gurus, Greg and Leon, found RightWay's holistic approach freed up their time and shifted their focus to where it is needed most. Combining accounting and business advice, RightWay Business Partner Sally Newcombe transformed these hospitality business owners from being doers, to managers, to ultimately stepping back and achieving their goals.

Success is about having time to do what you love, but when you're buried in the day-to-day grind this can feel impossible. Whether you want to grow your business, improve cash flow or simply spend more time with friends and family, we can show you how to start achieving your goals.  RightWay can help you understand the numbers, make good decisions, strategise and start moving your business to the next level.

See how we help Kiwis work on not in their businesses

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