Don't just take our word for it

We could tell you all about our successes or you could get the story from our clients. 
We think you'd rather hear it from them.


Straightline Builders

We wanted to scale at a reasonable pace, and we identified RightWay from the way they were growing their own business. We thought it would be beneficial working with them as they could teach us what they’d learned.


The Flower Project

We had been on the scout for an accounting firm who didn’t just do the numbers but also helped you as a business mentor. With RightWay we found a really good fit. We don’t just get the numbers.


Hospo Gurus_clients.png

Hospo Gurus

We meet with our RightWay Business Partner every month, setting goals and having weekly KPI reports, we’re well on our way to achieving our sales targets per week across the six bar locations.


Logan Brown

Since partnering with RightWay, Steve is on top of his accounts and has a fantastic relationship with his RightWay Business Partner, allowing him to get insightful reports that guide him in the direction he's aiming for.



R&B Glass

Sandra works with her Business Partner to give her the confidence she needed to use Xero as her accounting tools and where there is doubt, she reaches out to him for a helping hand.


A1 Homes

We have found RightWay to be an essential cog in the success of A1 Homes. We love having specialist support on tap when required and appreciate the fact that our accountant, Edwin, comes to see us regularly.



Get Me Fitter

We weren’t getting listened to or given the time of day because we are small fish in a really big pond. We went with RightWay because they focus on small businesses and like us, are customer-focused.


Willa & Mae 

RightWay was hugely important to us because if we wanted to sell our business it means we’ll have something to sell, rather than just creative ideas.