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Don't just take our word for it

We could tell you all about our successes or you could get the story from our customers. 
We think you'd rather hear it from them.


Hire Plants

Communication is the best way to overcome challenges. Whether it is having open discussions with the Hire Plants team, or bouncing around ideas with Isaac, from RightWay, in our monthly meetings.


Modern Signs

I meet with my RightWay team monthly - they challenge me by asking the tough questions and this forces me to tackle issues in the business head on. They genuinely care about the success of my business and we are constantly talking about new ways to grow.



Neon Social

My relationship with Shelley is key to keeping our business on track and hitting our goals. She isn't just our business partner, she has become our friend too. 



Louise at RightWay is also from a farming background and that’s a big bonus as we knew she would understand the different operating modules of the lodge and farm. 



Matariki Terraces

Since the start, working with DJ and Lou has been fantastic, and they have provided everything we are after and much more. 



We have a great relationship with Daniel. He is abreast of our strategy, and the little highs and lows we hit along the journey.



Equilibrium Chiropractic Limited

RightWay is deeply engaged in all aspects of our business. We have regular meetings and reports which include future planning and goal setting.


Moana Stand Up Paddle Boards

It’s the business mentoring that’s fantastic - RightWay gets very invested in your business. They do a lot more than accounting - they tick lots of boxes.




Isaac, and the rest of the RightWay team are a key part of my business and my personal finances and I feel highly confident in their ability and advice.


Liann Bellis Design

I look forward to my monthly meeting with RightWay to gauge our progress. I feel it’s vital to have someone outside of the creative process to help keep the paths straight.



The Flower Project

RightWay have got a young and fresh approach to accounting, which is what we wanted. Our two businesses fit really well together.


A1 Homes

We have found RightWay to be an essential cog in the success of A1 Homes. We love having specialist support on tap when required and appreciate the fact that our accountant, Edwin, comes to see us regularly.



Get Me Fitter

We weren’t getting listened to or given the time of day because we are small fish in a really big pond. We went with RightWay because they focus on small businesses and like us, are customer-focused.


Logan Brown

Since partnering with RightWay, Steve is on top of his accounts and has a fantastic relationship with his RightWay Business Partner, allowing him to get insightful reports that guide him in the direction he's aiming for.



Willa & Mae 

RightWay was hugely important to us because if we wanted to sell our business it means we’ll have something to sell, rather than just creative ideas.