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We understand that moving accounting software can be stressful.

That's why we have a dedicated team to support you and your staff in upskilling on Xero. There may be something specific that you would like help with, or perhaps you want to stay up to date with the many new features of Xero. Either way, we're here to help with all your Xero needs.


To find out more about Xero, ask a question or book Xero training – contact one of our dedicated Xero Support Team today.



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Set up

Setting up your Xero account, so you can start using your Xero as soon as possible. 


Xero training

Train you on all things Xero and answer any questions you may have.


Bank feed issues


Bank feed set up, new bank accounts, importing historical transactions, out of balance bank reconcilations and any other issues.


Upgrading Xero subscription


If you are looking to move to Xero or update your Xero subscription to include Xero Payroll or Xero Projects, or just need help with some additional Xero features, we can help.

Frequently asked questions


How do I show money moving from one bank account to another (transfers)?


One area that Xero users do get stumped with, is how to reconcile transfers of money going from one bank account to another bank account. In Xero there is a tab in the reconcile screen called "transfer". This allows you to transfer that money to the other business account.

Note - This is only to be used if the other account your're transferring money to is in Xero.


If you’re transferring money from one account to another often, such as paying off a loan, Xero have recently released the transfer rule function just like bank rules.


How do I reconcile a part payment to an invoice in Xero?


You will have to click on 'find and match' in the reconcile screen and select the invoice. Towards the right of the screen, a blue 'split' link will appear. You can click on this and reconcile the part payment. If you go to the invoice you'll notice the part payment that has been matched with the balance owing. Click here to find out more.


My credit card bank feeds have stopped and I don’t know why?


Bank feeds stopping for credit cards is a common occurrence. This can be due to the credit cards expiring or being replaced. The bank can't send these details to Xero without your authorisation, which is why the bank feed stops. A new application form (or applying through internet banking depending on your bank) will need to be filled out and sent to Xero to be processed. There are a couple of steps needed, so would recommend getting in contact with us and we can assist with this. 


Can you send additional documents along with your invoice?


Yes you can. Let's say you would like to send a picture of the work you did for a customer and you'd also like to be able to see the work in the future. You can use the files icon in the invoice to upload the picture.


I would like to have more control on whether a customer has seen the invoice that I've sent to them or not.


We recommed not sending your customers the PDF attachment that you select when you click on the email button. By removing the PDF, you are forcing the client to click on the online invoice link, which will then tell you in Xero if the customer has viewed the invoice or not. It will change to 'viewed' when the customer has clicked on the link, so you know they've seen it.

Help centre

Files for Xero

With all your business data in the cloud, it makes sense to easily upload financial documents in Xero and convert it easily to a bill.

Overpayments in Xero

Sometimes you'll need to account for an overpayment in Xero, whether it's a payment you've made or one that you've received. 

Invoice reminders in Xero

Instead of you spending hours chasing overdue payments, Xero can automatically email reminders to your customers.

Expense claims in Xero

Expense claims can be a headache for both the employee and the accounts team. With Xero you can manage the whole process online. Employees can add receipts in Xero or on the go using Xero touch.