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Five steps to start-up: an outline for new business success

31 May 2018 / By Desley Grant
It’s hard work, starting a business. It takes courage, commitment, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Even with all your passion, it sometimes seems like success is impossible. The truth is, you can’t know or remember everything that’s important.
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Hire the right people to attain business success

25 May 2018 / By Desley Grant
Building a business isn’t a 9 to 5 and sometimes it pushes you to your limits – and further. And ultimately you keep going because it’s so rewarding - after all, you see the success every day in the team, the profits and the influence your business extends.
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How to set SMART business goals and succeed

17 May 2018 / By Desley Grant
Who knew that sticking to business goals could be so tough? Things get in the way and the money stretches thin. Before you know it, things are slipping through the cracks. If you lose sight of the long-term business plan and adopt a reactive, day-to-day approach, you're setting your small business ...
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Are you keeping track of these business performance metrics?

10 May 2018 / By Desley Grant
You shouldn't judge a book by its cover - or a business by the number of customers coming through the door. That's because the health of a business is not always obvious at first glance. There's action behind the scenes, so there's always more to tracking business performance than meets the eye.
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Good advice saves you time and money

3 May 2018 / By Desley Grant
You've put blood, sweat and tears into realising your small business vision. Whether you're just getting off the ground or you're doing well, you know that you can achieve so much more. It's a frustrating truth every new business must face.
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Goals for new businesses - the five factors of success

26 April 2018 / By Desley Grant
It's tough enough to get a new business off the ground, let alone make it successful. Small business owners and entrepreneurs are some of the hardest workers around.
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Get certainty over your cash flow with AIM

19 April 2018 / By Desley Grant
 If you've ever felt the pain of paying tax on predicted profits, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Pay-as-you-go for small business landed on 1 April 2018, and it'll save you a headache. It's called AIM, short for the Accounting Income Method, and it's a good thing for small businesses, sole ...
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AIM - the new method for calculating provisional tax

12 April 2018 / By Desley Grant
Managing the finances of a small business is hard work. So if you've ever felt the pain of paying lump sum taxes in advance, we have good news. AIM landed on 1 April 2018. It's pay-as-you-go for small business. It will make provisional tax payments easier on the cash flow of your small business. ...
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Give your cash flow a warrant of fitness

5 April 2018 / By Desley Grant
Cash is king when it comes to the financial management of a growing company. A healthy cash flow allows you to operate and carry out finance, business and investment activities. Without it, you simply can’t function.
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Goal setting for your start-up, and how to get it right

29 March 2018 / By Desley Grant
Not all business goals are created equal, so getting this aspect of your business right will help you fast-track success, bringing balance to your work and personal life.
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A goldmine of free business advice on our YouTube channel

22 March 2018 / By Desley Grant
We want to help all New Zealand businesses be the best they can be, whether you already work with us or not. To give you a taste of what RightWay offers, we’ve made a library of video content available on our YouTube channel.
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A 9-step feasibility test for your new business idea

16 March 2018 / By Desley Grant
Perhaps it was a flash of inspiration or it’s something you’ve been thinking about for a long time. Whatever the origins, your new business idea is a guaranteed success.
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[Video] Leave the daily grind behind and watch your business soar

8 March 2018 / By Desley Grant
You’ve built a great business. You’re proud of what you’ve achieved and are excited about working towards your next financial goals. There’s just one problem: you have so little time on a day-to-day basis that you’re not sure how you’ll turn those goals into reality. As a business owner, it’s easy ...
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The trap of micromanagement vs The freedom of delegation

1 March 2018 / By Desley Grant
The most productive managers are those who delegate - allowing them to save time, reduce pressure and increase their value as a leader. In this blog post, we show you how.
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Let’s do VoIP the RightWay

26 February 2018 / By Cradle
The Cradle team (above) RightWay was founded in the wake of Xero’s early success as a new way for businesses to learn from their financials. Previously, your accountant was this slightly annoying person who showed up once a year to give you bad news (that you need to be better with your ...
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Plan your exit early

23 February 2018 / By RightWay
Often when I meet business owners and I ask them when they plan to leave their business, they look at me with shock and confusion. Responses are generally along the lines of “My business is only a few years old, I am not exiting!” or, “Oh, I don’t know – maybe 20-30 years, I have no plan.” One of ...
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How to set quality standards that build company-wide success

22 February 2018 / By Desley Grant
Quality standards and key performance indicators (KPIs) enable a business to track and monitor its operations. Ultimately, the growth and success of your company will largely be determined by the consistency of its results, so you and your team need to be working towards common goals.
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Change focus and watch your business grow

14 February 2018 / By Desley Grant
Building a thriving business doesn’t have to depend on the owner working longer and longer hours themself. In fact, to reach that elusive ‘next level’ everyone’s always talking about and start achieving your personal financial goals as a business owner, it’s essential to move away from your daily ...
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How to maintain focus on the 'big picture' of business ownership

8 February 2018 / By Desley Grant
It’s easy to get lost in your work. When your day-to-day job takes up all of your time however, you’re not seeing new opportunities, considering growth strategies or asking yourself the difficult questions. Put simply, you’re missing the all-important big picture for your business.
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How to work 'on', rather than 'in' your business [Infographic]

1 February 2018 / By Desley Grant
Always wanted to know - how to work 'on' your business rather than 'in' your business? Our blog shows you how to create a thriving business while achieving your personal financial goals. Instead of working harder, we'll show you how to ask yourself the right questions and put together a strategy ...
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